IGES - Ingenieurgesellschaft Experimentelle Statik mbH
Neustadtswall 30 - 28199 Bremen - Germany
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Analysing Buildings

Searching and finding: In case of damages or missing records we analyse your structure by measurement, scanning of concrete reinforcements or material inspection.

In order to evaluate the structural safety of buildings on the basis of mathematical models we need information on geometry, bearing characteristics and load as well as on the building materials and their properties. We therefore begin our analysis with a careful review of all existing records. If we cannot find sufficient information, we start to gather the relevant data ourselves. This might for example include: Geometry, materials, reinforcement, concrete cover, carbonatation, widths and courses of cracks.

We use traditional minor destructive techniques (openings etc.) as well as modern devices like scanners (to assess the location and the properties of reinforcements) or rebound hammers (to check the strength of concrete).

Based on our results we recommend further action. In clear-cut cases we can offer practical advice on the restoration of the affected structure. In less obvious cases we might recommend further mathematical modelling or an experimental load test. For the latter we can usually offer our services without any obligation.