IGES - Ingenieurgesellschaft Experimentelle Statik mbH
Neustadtswall 30 - 28199 Bremen - Germany
Tel: +49 421 5905-2345 - Fax: +49 421 5905-2316

In case of damages or missing records we analyse your structure by measurement, scanning of concrete reinforcements or material inspection.
Loading and measuring: Your building will be examined thoroughly. The diagnosis will either support calculations or directly provide proof.
Enhancements or innovations? We can guide you on your way to new products with FE-modelling and experiments.

Questions and Answers

Our goal? Saving and conserving existing buildings by demonstrating their structural safety. What do we do? Nondestructive examinations, building diagnosis, damage analysis, hybrid statics (experiment-aided calculations), load tests, load experiments, monitoring, long-term measurements, consultation services for all practical and scientific problems of structural engineering. How long does it take? Anything between one day and ten days, depending on the complexity of the task. Is it legal? Our experiments comply with german/european laws and Industry Standards. What about the costs? In our experience they usually range from 5-10% of the amount that would be consumed by alternative solutions (reinforcement, demolition / reconstruction).Our equipment? Web-based measuring tools for forces, strains, deformations, accelerations, acoustic emmissions etc., mobile, modular, highly flexible loading devices, e.g. state-of-the-art loading vehicles (BELFA, BELFA-DB), air-conditioned lab. What do we test?, balcony, beam, girder, bridge, ceiling, roof, facade, fairground ride, foundation, guardrail, arch bridge, crane runway, console, binding joints, column, bottom plate, pillar, staircase, tunnel, joist, wind turbine, ...
Did you know?
  • how to test facades?

  • how to examine staircases?

  • how big the load bearing capability of your bridge is?

  • "I love fools' experiments. I am always making them"  (Charles Darwin)

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