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Loading technology

The principle is simple and proven: Load tests on surface constructions, underground constructions and bridges are always performed by creating a controlled, regulated load while simultaneously analysing the measurement data coming from the sensors. With this approach the safety and sustainability of the structures and components under examination is always guaranteed.
For surface constructions we use mobile devices that we modify for each individual task. The equipment can be adapted to various building geometries and is able to create experimental loads up to 750 kN. Testing a ceiling usually takes three days where one day is reserved for the installation of our loading and measuring devices, one day for the actual experiment and one day for dismounting the gear.

For bridges we use our state-of-the-art loading vehicles:

BELFA (loading truck for road bridges)
BELFA-DB (loading train for rail bridges)

All these solutions allow for high, controllable loads. They are flexible and inherently safe due to the use of hydraulic presses that prevent the accidental creation of destructive loads.