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Neustadtswall 30 - 28199 Bremen - Germany
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We publish our experience gained in practice in several journals, books or conference proceedings (here extract of english articles):

Gutermann, M. ; Slowik, V. ; Steffens, K.:
Experimental safety evaluation of concrete an masonry bridges. International Symposium NDT-CE, 16.-19.09.03, Berlin. DGZFP, BB 85-CD
Gutermann, M.:
An article on experimental assessment of structural safety of solid bridges. ICEM12 - 12th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics. 29. August – 2. September, 2004 Politecnico di Bari, Italy
Gutermann, M. ; Steffens, K. :
Problems of a reliable connection between steel tower and concrete foundation. In: Tagungsband 8. Internationale Windenergie-Konferenz, DEWEK. Bremen, 22./23. November 2006
Gutermann, M. ; Kosaka Y. Tokyo ; MATSUDA H.:
German Proofloading Method for Bridges by BELFA. In: Bridge and Foundation, Heft 2, 2006
Eilers, J. ; Falter, B.; Gutermann, M. ; Müller-Rochholz, J.: Buckling Tests at Polythylene Linings with Egg Shape. In: Geosynthetics International.

Orbán Z, ; Gutermann M. Assessment of masonry arch railway bridges using non-destructive in-situ testing methods. Engineering Structures (2009). doi:10.1016/j.engstruct.2009.04.008
Gutermann, M., C. Schröder: Existing Structures: Old and Disused? Experimental Approaches for Extension of Lifetime. In: Tagungsband “50th annual international conference on Experimental Stress Analysis” EAN 2012, 4. – 7. Juni 2012, Tabór (Tschechien)
Gutermann, M. ; Schröder, C.: Loading Vehicle BELFA. Development and experience gained in 10 years of practice. Proceedings CSHM-5 Workshop on Civil Structural Health Monitoring, October 24th – 26th 2013, Ube/Japan
Gutermann, M.; Schröder, C.: Loading Vehicle BELFA – Development and Experience gained in 10 years of practice. In: Bridge Structures 11 (2015). IOS Press. S. 19-31 DOI: 10.3233/BRS-150081
Gutermann, M., Malgut, W.: IN-SITU LOAD TEST OF AN HISTORIC STAIR RAIL MADE OF LIME STONE. Proceedings Structural Faults & Repair. London, 08. – 10. Juli 2014
Gutermann, M.; Koppe, Bärbel; Bukowski, Gerd: Inspection and Quality Control of Hydraulic Structures including on-site Physical Testing, in JOINT 2014, Proc. 3rd Coastal and Maritime Mediterranean Conference CM2, Ferrara