IGES - Ingenieurgesellschaft Experimentelle Statik mbH
Neustadtswall 30 - 28199 Bremen - Germany
Tel: +49 421 5905-2345 - Fax: +49 421 5905-2316

Safer, faster and more efficient with measurements and new methods

The Ingenieurgesellschaft Experimentelle Statik mbH (IGES) was founded in 2008 to provide consultation services in the field of statics and to offer a wide range of tools and procedures for diagnosing buildings. We specialize in experimental and experiment-aided methods of analysing structures and their safety - with a particular emphasis on load tests.

Our clients are owners of buildings and building experts from the private and public sectors who have to make decisions about the future of specific buildings against the backdrop of statical uncertainty.

Our approach facilitates the safe and efficient conservation of existing buildings and can therefore often render demolition and reconstruction unnecessary. This is not only economically beneficial – it also reduces the environmental burden.

A particular field of interest are historic/listed buildings and their components which require delicate and highly individualized treatment. We provide realistic statical assessments on the basis of innovative technology and methodology that we develop in cooperation with our partners.

IGES engages in interdisciplinary research networks and international committees and has provided advise on structural safety to specialists all over Europe.

From ceilings to joists, from foundations to bridges – IGES is able to analyse a multitude of objects. Highlights in recent years include a cable-stayed bridge in Bremen, a listed, cast-iron staircase in Saarbrücken, the concrete ceiling of Hamburgs wholesale market and several masonry arch bridges in Austria.